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Current Scrap Metal Prices at Portland Iron & Metal, Inc. as of Friday, Jan 6, 2018

                 Open   Monday – Friday 8 – 4:30PM

We buy all consumer scrap on a 2000# Net Ton increment, because most people think in terms of Net Ton, rather than Gross Ton (which is 2240#).  Some other scrap yards quote GT and it can be confusing.  We have provided both pricing for comparison.

 – Effective July 1, 2014 the Michigan Scrap Metal Theft Bill(PA 99 of 2014 & HB 4593)  requires all scrap purchases of Copper/Coated Copper Wire, Air Conditioning whole/parts and Catalytic Converters of greater than the cumulative total of $25 per visit/per day be held for three days.   The check must then be mailed to the address on your ID card.  Checks cannot be picked up or sent to a PO Box.

In order to sell scrap metals you must meet the following:  Over 16 years of age, Photo ID, Fingerprint, Vehicle License Plate number, Personal and Vehicle Picture, Signature, Photo and Certification of Ownership are all required to sell scrap metal.     Anyone with a Felony conviction of Theft or Conversion CANNOT sell scrap metal.

As of Friday, January 6, 2018    the Scrap Metal Prices are as follows:

Prices are subject to change without notice and per pound unless otherwise noted.  Pricing is also based on scrap material meeting ISRI or PIM specifications.   Steel Prices generally remain for the month, whereas non-ferrous prices could change on any day.

The higher price range for steel is for Volume of >2000# and Regular customers.            Call  517.647.6476 for Larger Volume Pricing.       Open   Monday – Friday 8 – 4:30PM

#1 Copper $2.41- $2.44/# Sheet Iron
# 2 Copper $2.27 – $2.30/#  Complete Car w/ Motor, Trans & Cat Conv
 $160/NT = $180/GT
Auto Batteries $0.25/# 3′ Hvy Melt Steel
Aluminum Sheet/Ptd  Siding $0.41 – $.44/#  4′ Plate/Struct
Alum. Trans./Mix Cast $0.38 – $.41/# Whole Motor ave 350-450#
Alum. Ext. <3′ $0.44 – $.47/#    
Whole Transmission (135# ave each)  $16 – $21/Each  Whole motors – Cast iron blocks w/alum heads/intakes
Aluminum Wheels (no Cr/stems/Pb) $0.54 – $.57/#    
Red Brass $1.70 – $1.73/#  Clean Auto Cast
Yellow Brass $1.50 – $1.53/#  Breakable Cast
Auto radiators $1.50 – $1.53/#    
Copper/Alum    Radiator $.98 – $1.01/# Torch or Shear Steel
 Copper Wound Electric Motors >1HP   $.14/#    
Non-Magnetic 18/8 Stainless Steel  $.24- $.29/#    
 T/L Quantity Irony Cast Alum per Metal Unit  $.41/#  T/L Quantity Irony Sheet Alum per Metal Unit  $.44/#
 Other Prices upon Request

Portland Iron & Metal Inc        Monday – Friday  8 – 4:30 PM

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